Company Creates Unique Business Cards Everyone Loves

Print Peppermint is a company that creates high-end custom business cards, printed on premium paper.

“Our customers are mostly graphic designers, ad agencies, small business owners, and non-profit organizations who have an affinity for good design and a passion for print,” they shared on their YouTube channel. The company’s main goal is to create business cards that will stand out.

“At Print Peppermint, we needed our business card sample pack to stand out,” they wrote on Bored Panda. The only shot we have at making a name for ourselves is by being as creative as possible. Enter. John Lennon as a cat! Printed with raised gold foil.”

To see some of their creations, check out their social media accounts, Instagram and YouTube, where they share some of the unique business cards they make. You can also have a look on their website, where you can order a business card of your choice.

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