Sam the Golden Shepherd Will Melt Your Heart

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Golden Wolf Sam. The Golden Shepherd (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd) has taken Reddit by storm, thanks to her fluffy wolf-like ears and charming smile.

Adopted in February 2018, her online presence has soared ever since, with an Instagram page and a Youtube channel that amassed quite the following. Her Booping video in particular, where her owners boop her nose until she’s had enough, has gained well over 10 thousand views.

“We are trying to catch her authentic reaction in every video that we make, such as when we play with her, get her a new toy, taste something new, etc.” her owners explained in an interview with Hello Bark. “Sammie is a perfect doggo,” they add, saying that “she brings to our home a lot of happiness and funny moments. We love her so much and we try to take her with us everywhere we go.”

“Before we adopted Sammie we had a difficult year,” they recall. “We had a Golden Retriever puppy named Bailey, she died when she was only 1 year old from a genetic kidney failure although we did everything we could to save her. After a period of mourning and grief, we saw an ad for a puppy that needed a home and we instantly knew she was exactly what our broken heart needed. The next morning, we drove to the shelter and she ran directly to us. She really chose us as much as we chose her. We decided to name her Sam because its a combination of both our names – Saray And Maor.”

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