Computer Engineer Builds World’s First AI Cat Shelter For Stray Cats

Recently, a Chinese computer engineer built something that is innovative and animal friendly.

Wan Xi, who worked at China’s largest search engine Baidu and a cat lover, has built an AI cat shelter that provides home for stray cats. It is the world’s first and the shelter can recognize 174 kinds of cats and can even spot common cat diseases through AI technology.

The high-tech shelter comes with intelligent temperature and humidity control and a good ventilation system, providing fresh air and a stable temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature for our furry buddies. There is also abundant supply of cat food and water which volunteers constantly refill.

To learn more about the living conditions of stray cats, Wan reached out to animal protection volunteers and discovered that many stray cats live no more than two years because of lack of treatment for common diseases. The collected data also showed that only 4 out of 10 strays survived a cold winter. It is estimated that 40,000 cats live on the streets of China.

“At first, I just wanted to provide them with a warm place in winter with food and water that is not frozen,” Wan said according to People’s Daily, China.

The project expanded and Wan end up creating a AI shelter that can be a temporary vet clinic. Using Baidu’s no-code EasyDL tool, the shelter can spot common diseases and can tell whether a cat has been sterilized. This data is sent to volunteers who can give better help to these furballs. The shelter also has a smart camera and can automatically allow cats access to the shelter.