Cosplayer Spends 1,000 Hours Crafting Incredibly Detailed Anubis Costume

Modern 3D printing technology is making cosplay more accessible than ever before, giving designers the opportunity to turn their passion into a paying job. For game designer Martina Hugentobler, being able to design and build costumes from her favorite video games is a dream come true. The self-taught Swiss artist is a passionate cosplayer who makes extraordinary costumes that look almost unreal. 

Her latest creation, a majestic Anubis costume, instantly received over 100,000 likes and lots of praise. The costume is based on a sculpture by Hui Zou that powerfully blends Egyptian style and futurism. 

Martina spent one year – an incredible 1.000 hours of work, to be precise – making it, using PVC, vinyl, fabric, epoxy resin, aluminum and many other materials from a local hardware store. After obtaining permission from the artist, she first designed the costume by making templates in the 3D software Blender. Then she began constructing it piece by piece, using epoxy resin to glue everything together. And, to have a clear view of the outside, she used a see-through reflective vinyl on the throat part. The final result is unbelievably true to the original design and moves very well.

Scroll down below to see her masterpiece!