These Tattoos Were Inspired by Picasso’s Inked Portraits

Berlin-based tattoo artist Daisy Watson was an illustrator long before she picked up a tattoo machine. Inspired by Picasso’s inked portraits, Cocteau’s line drawings, and Jean Arp’s use of organic shapes, she creates surrealist illustrations that are minimalist in nature, drawn with thin black lines.

“I like to paint vases or hands,” said Watson in an interview in German with femtastics. “Basically, I try to combine different, mostly contradictory things in one picture. That result is always exciting. But faces are my absolute favorite motif.”

“I wear many tattoos myself,” she went on to say. “Mostly on my legs, because that’s when I started practicing before tattooing other people. I do not wear tattoos on my arms or other obvious spots, as you can see. So I’m not the classic tattoo artist cliché. My grandmother knows nothing about my tattoos.”

Her tattoo art is shared on her popular Instagram page, which has amassed more than 200k followers. Quite an achievement in and of itself. Take a look.

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