Craig Black’s Typography Art Is Innovative and Engaging

Craig Black’s passion for design and typographer stemmed from another passion altogether: sports. “I absolutely loved football (soccer) growing up,” he relayed in an interview with Talenthouse. “I was so fascinated with the design around the beautiful game such as colorful football shirts, team badges, football boots, and TV commercials and programs. This all contributed to my curiosity in design and made me wonder how things like that were made.”

Now a graphic designer, lettering artist, and typographer, Black is known for his bespoke and innovative typographic illustrations, visual identities, packaging, murals, installations, and everything in between. According to Black, his strengths lie in his ability to cross disciplines without the restriction of a fixed personal style. This versatility has offered him the opportunity to work on a varied mix of collaborations with local and international clients of all business backgrounds.

“My process for lettering begins with writing the ideas down and creating some rough thumbnail sketches,” he explains the creative process that goes on behind the scenes. “Once I find the best direction, I begin the lettering stage by drawing each letterform. This is an iterative process that includes several stages of refinement by illustrating, erasing, tracing, rinse and repeat. Once I’ve taken the concept as far as I can by hand, I scan the image and begin the digitization process.”

The result is work that is both engaging and precise. As such his work has been celebrated and published internationally, in addition to regular features by online media. His work has also been exhibited across the globe from London and Barcelona to Australia and Dubai. But you can also follow his creative endeavors online, via Instagram.