Dad Creates Realistic Images of His Kids’ Drawings

You know how kids will draw really anatomically misshapen animals and humans? Like an elephant that looks like a square, a zebra that looks like a balloon, a person with a nose that looks like an umbrella…

Tom Curtis, a father and Photoshop expert (and if he wasn’t one before, he certainly is now), started noticing the funny, weird details in the doodles of his two kids (8-year-old Dom and 6-year old Al).

For instance, he realized that kids often draw the eyes and the mouth of an animal on the same side of the head. This led to a thought pop up in his mind: what if kids are seeing reality and drawing it as it is, and us adults are too stupid to see things the way they really are?

Regardless of whether he really believed that this is a possibility, or he just came up with a funny, creative idea, Curtis started using Photoshop to create hilariously realistic – and a bit unnerving – images of what animals would look like, if they looked, in reality, the way that kids drew them. Thankfully, the results aren’t as creepy as they are funny.

Check it out: