Embroidery Artist Brings Designs to Life With Different Colors

The world is filled with creatives who push the boundaries of art. Some follow a traditional craft while others use different tools to create blends of color. Embroidery artists don’t have it easy. One artist has perfected this art, and she creates landscapes with colorful thread.

Vera Shimunia is a Russian artist, and she uses various stitches to capture the beauty of nature. She has worked on creating beautiful landscapes with French knot buds, lazy daisy flowers, all embroidered in a way you have never seen before. Her colorful skies are impressive as they appear as clouds or sun rays. The talented artist always depicts the sky with rich and vivid colors.

She works on different sizes of her art. Some are miniature, while others are regular sized. The artist posts most of her work on her social media pages and sells them on Etsy. Scroll below to see some of her amazing work in the gallery below.