Embroidery Artist Creates Intricate Animals and Insects Using Only Threads

Laura Baverstock is an extremely talented embroidery artist who is using colored threads to create intricate and extremely detailed animals. From gold lions and bees to the blue octopus, Baverstock’s creatures look so real that you’ll be in awe once you take a look at her artwork.

“Embroidery has such a rich history, and I’ve found the specialized nature of the craft and the variety of traditional techniques to be hugely inspiring”, Baverstock told for *Colossal*.

“Needlework has such versatility and universal appeal; within my own practice I particularly strive to push the boundaries of three-dimensional hand embroidery and precious metal goldwork, with a focus on natural themes and realism.”

Baverstock has a degree in hand embroidery from the Royal School of Needlework and it’s interesting to mention that she’s currently working in film and fashion industries. We could’ve seen her embroidery work in the 2018 movie * Mary Queen of Scots*.

Check out her creations in the photos below.

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