Enter the Jolly Universe of FriendsWithYou

Artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III joined hands in 2002, forming the artistic duo FriendsWithYou. Working in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, large-scale experiential installations, and more recently, virtual reality and animation, their pieces are full of color and splendor.

“FriendsWithYou’s mission is to cultivate moments of spiritual awareness and powerful, joyous interactions,” the two artists write on their website. “Our work is not only about positivity,” explained Borkson in an interview with Fader. “It’s about facing the darkness with no fear and the entire spectrum of the human experience. Our work is a reflection of what we want for ourselves and then people have the choice to see it as they like.”

“The goal is to create communal experiences that make you feel something beyond the self and into the whole, basically the goal of all spiritual endeavors, and in doing so we use a very simple graphic language,” added 

Check out some of their diverse body of work below.