Exhibit Gives Visitors a Tour Inside Van Gogh’s Paintings

In 2018, Culturespaces created L’Atelier des Lumières, the first Digital Art Center in Paris for immersive exhibitions. The 16,000-square-foot site, a 19th century abandoned foundry, received a total makeover to allow the hosting of immersive digital art shows. Its first exhibition is an immersive digital installation of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s work.

This time, the Atelier des Lumiéres returns, transforming the same venue into a Vincent van Gogh wonderland. The art center invites visitors to enter into the most iconic paintings of one of the greatest Dutch painters of all time.

The luminous, larger-than-life images include van Gogh’s signature self-portraits, “The Starry Night,” and “Sunflowers.”

The exhibition not only showcased the work of the famous painter but also feature a short program about Japanese Art.

“Van Gogh was influenced by Japanese art. In Paris, he frequented Impressionists who admired japonisme,” Bruno Monnier, the president of Culturespaces, said according to My Modern Met. “To highlight Van Gogh’s fascination with Japanese art, we commissioned the Danny Rose Studio to present an original piece about the imaginary works and scenes of Japan.”

The Starry Night exhibition and its supplemental show called Dreamed Japan: Images of the Floating World will be on display at the Atelier des Lumières until December 31, 2019.