Baby Isn’t Impressed by His Mom’s Kisses

Babies can be brutal when it comes to showing how they feel about something. We can see this when they are given something sour to eat like grape or other bitter fruit. These facial expressions are priceless, and we love to see them.

Twitter user, Amourki, shared a video of her baby and it has gone viral already. She planned to sweet talk the baby and shower him with kisses, but the little baby was having none of that. He tried as much as possible to spare her feelings,  but his mother was not getting the picture.

At the end, he decided to break her heart completely by giving her a face of disgust. Everyone thought it was really funny.

So far, the video has been viewed 4.8 million times with over three hundred and fifty thousand likes. What do you think about this adorable baby? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.