Family of Four Creates Cool Beach Art

Family businesses are great, but when a family is joined together in creative work, that is even more awesome. The Slare family, who creates cool beach artworks using pebbles and discarded material they find on the shores of the North Devon Coast, are a great example of this.

Under the name Beach4Art, this family of four has been gaining attention for their detailed depictions of animals, landscapes, Christmas motifs, and intricate patterns made out of rocks, stained glass, branches, and other materials washed on the shore. Unfortunately, their works are short-lived, being consumed by the sea during tides, but the family always snaps a few photos to keep them alive in another form. 

This exciting project started when one of the Slare children, 13-year-old Emanuel, got a school task to make a mandala. The entire family, which also consists of his mother Leva, his father Dzintars, and younger sister Elizabete, decided to join in and help him. They had such a great time that they made it a recurring family activity, which soon turned into a full artistic endeavor.

“We find the creativity involved in the art project very therapeutic,” shared Leva in a recent interview. “It’s a way of communicating with others and being part of the community. We would like to encourage other families to try it too.”

Now the family holds exhibitions of their works (in their photo form) while also selling prints on Etsy. They also regularly update their Instagram page with new works. Check out more of them below.