Check Out These Cool Botanical Murals by Sophie Mess

We can all agree that murals make the streets of any city more lively and inviting. That is especially the case with the murals from UK artist Sophie Mess.

Mess specializes in botanical murals that see her adorn grey buildings and urban structures with depictions of flowers, plants, leaves, and occasional vibrant birds. Her works can be found on the streets of major European cities like London, UK, and Paris, France.

Wherever they settle, Mess’ murals become an integral part of the urban surrounding. They attract the attention of both locals and tourists, who can’t resist taking a short break in their walk and admire the artwork. 

According to Mess, she aims to create her botanical murals in a way that they “radiate” energy and life.” This is easily seen through her use of bold colors, attention to detail, and imagination-evoking elements.

“I find joy in this juxtaposition of the delicate interpretations of nature within the urban landscape, and finding the harmony between these seemingly contrasting elements,” Mess shares.

Besides creating large-scale artworks in the form of murals, Mess also makes botanic-inspired paintings that have been exhibited in various art galleries and collaborate with clothing brands on wearable art projects. 

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