Father Creates Board Game Bed Sheets to Help Sick Children Pass Time

All children want nothing more than to be able to wander around, be active, and satiate their curiosity.

It’s what they do, and they need to do it to develop properly.

Unfortunately, not all children are privileged to be able to go outside all of the time and experience the outdoors. Some have to spend days if not weeks even months locked inside the hospital rooms and pretty much stuck to their hospital beds.

Unlike adults who have somewhat mastered boredom and can find ways to entertain themselves without having to move around much, children find it hard to be stuck in one place.

This is especially true in the hospital where the environment isn’t exactly the most vibrant or colorful.

One father from Charlotte, North Carolina, named Kevin Gatlin, saw this as a problem and decided to solve it by introducing board game bed sheets — bed sheets printed with board games so children can have a way to play games without necessarily having to bring a lot of toys into the hospital.

To no one’s surprise, the bed sheets have been a huge success.

In fact, according to the company’s website, people have donated around 3,000 sheets already, and the number is growing by the day.

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