Father Gains Huge Following By Showing the Reality of Parenthood

In a world that’s increasingly become flooded by inauthenticity and faking, in the hopes of showing how glamorous your life is, it’s quite refreshing to see someone do quite the opposite and show the harsh and ugly reality of things.

Case in point, Simon Hooper, AKA, Father of Daughters. Hooper, who is a father to 4 young girls, has amassed a massive Instagram following and became quite the successful author himself after writing and posting online about the truth behind what it takes to be a father these days.

Hooper’s near 1 million Instagram followers await his updates regarding his daily life, where he is the “single male in a household with 5 women” and how this has taught him a lot regarding “fatherhood, feminism, and equality.”

If you’re up for some self-deprecating and relatable humor, then you’ll definitely relate to Hooper, especially if you’re a father or parent yourself.

Scroll down below to see his everyday struggles. For more realness, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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How much do men really know about periods? As a teenager, periods weren't exactly top of my 'must know more things about' list. In fact, all I knew is that we boys used them as dismissive insults when girls were being short tempered – "oh, she's on her period" – said without ever really understanding how they effect the female body. I was basically an ill informed twat. But now that I'm knee deep in females that will all be premenstrual at some point in the future with me stuck in the middle, I feel the need to know more so I can understand & not just lie helplessly on the tracks, ready to be hit by the monthly run away hormone train that calls at Short Temper town, Sexual Desire Spa, Scatter Brain Central, Premenstrual Stress parkway & terminates abruptly in arguments & me making emergency late light runs to the shop for sanitary products I know nothing about (default to heavy flow stuff – standard) painkillers & enough chocolate to put willy Wonker out of business. So men (or women who answer for their male partners), how much do you know? What is a period? What's a cup? Can you get pregnant on your period? How's the vulva different to the vagina? Do women's periods really sync up and most importantly what's missing from the tray in the picture? We can empathise through learning, so let's share some knowledge. #periods #pmssurvival #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad

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