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Check Out These Elegant and Minimal Illustrations by Tang Wen-Ching

Art doesn’t have to be complicated to be captivating. The works of illustrator Tang Wen Ching are the perfect example of that. Wen Ching, who...

You Never Know What to Expect With “Inky Rickshaw Comics”

It is often easy to figure out how a webcomic will end just by looking at its first panel. However, with Inky Rickshaw Comics,...

Sam Rodriguez’s Art is a Mix of Typography, Shapes, and Portraits

Sam Rodriguez is an artist from San Jose, California, who creates some of the most unique portraits you have ever seen. They could be...

YouTuber MrBeast Builds 100 Wells in Africa

Even if you don’t watch YouTube videos often, you probably know who MrBeast is. Real name Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast gained popularity for his elaborate...

Treat Your Nails to Gracie J’s Designs

Nail technicians on Instagram tend to take the term "nail art" quite literally, but even among nail artists, Gracie J's work stands out, providing...

Just Fun

Artist Creates a Series of Funny Comics Starring an Ice Cube

We love unique comics, and Cube Melt webcomic from artist and illustrator Peng Ven Wong definitely falls into this category. It focuses on an...

Check Out These Thought-Provoking Paper Sculptures of Marine Life

In her latest project, Paper Life! Ocean, German paper artist Tina Kraus is trying to raise awareness about the impact human pollution of the...

This Illustrator is Inspired By Thai and Chinese Cultures

Ploypisut Chueobchoey, known simply as Ploy, integrates Thai and Chinese cultures into her art, creating illustrations and patterns that are steeped in flora and...

Stephanie Hockersmith’s Vibrant Pies Pay Homage to Her Favorite Book Covers

If you love books and baking in equal measure, Stephanie Hockersmith’s pies will become your next obsession. The Colorado-based baker found viral fame on...

Anonymous Artist Is Transforming Potholes and Wall Cracks into Works of Art

When walking the streets of Lyon, France, make sure to always look twice at the city’s buildings and sidewalks. If you are lucky, you...