Finnish Artist Creates Funny Lovable Comics

Comic art has become a growing trend on the Internet and people are interpreting it in different ways. Some many professional artists and illustrators are getting busy depicting their own lives with their friends, partners or pets. Others do this for a hobby, but still, they manage to reach a wide audience, because all that matters is whether people like it or not.  

Marko Raasina is a comic artist from Finland who has become super-popular on Instagram in recent years. His page has around 240k followers and his posts are burning with positive comments. This is all probably due to him fulfilling the most important condition for making a popular comic – his work is relatable.  

The leading characters in these stories are Nerd, Jock, Yolk Folk, and Grumpy, who are going through everyday life adventures together. Raasina’s style is specific – almost every comic has an unexpected twist in the story. He uses the factor of surprise to engage the readers.  

The comics depict common life issues regarding friendship, relationships, or being weird in social situations and as we all know those are some universal topics people can relate to! 

Here are some of the comics we found cute and interesting, and we hope that you’ll love them too!