Fragmented Travelers Embark on a Journey in Bruno Catalano’s Intriguing Sculptures

Artist Bruno Catalano is no stranger to traveling. Born in Morocco, he emigrated to France and later worked on boats for a shipping company before joining the voluntary organization Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer. These experiences inspired Catalano to create an intriguing series of sculptures titled “The Travelers”.  

In The Travelers series, Catalano creates fragmented sculptures of travelers who are embarking on a journey. Each subject has a part of them missing, which represents a part of themselves that they leave behind but that always remains connected to them in some way. However, they are still confidently marching ahead, looking forward to their destination.

The subjects in Catalano’s sculptures usually carry a single suitcase that connects the upper part of their body with their legs. The suitcase is not only an important link to preserve the sculpture’s structural integrity but also serves as a representation of a metaphorical weight that each traveler carries with them. The part that’s missing is left for the viewer to interpret in a way that seems fitting.

Catalano’s The Travelers sculptures have been exhibited in public spaces across the world, most recently in New York City, New York, as part of the Catalano Travel to New York exhibition that will remain on display until May 2025. If you can’t see them in person, check out more of Catalano’s works below, courtesy of his social media account.