Get Lost in Nidhi Mariam Jacob’s Mesmerizing Fantasy Gardens

Nidhi Mariam Jacob is a Bangalore, India, based artist who creates stunning paintings filled with vibrant-colored blooming flowers, both real and imaginary, as part of her mesmerizing series Fantasy Gardens.

These fantasy gardens allow the viewer to get lost in their beauty, bold colors, and complexity, with each flower being captured at its peak and depicted with an impressive attention to detail. There is so much to unpack, explore, and comprehend that you could spend hours watching them without getting bored or feeling you’ve explored everything.

According to Jacob, each one of her paintings is, in some way, an expression of her love for the natural world. Through her works, she aims to capture the “beauty of nature’s evolution” and “the continual cycle of life, death, and rebirth.”

These floral paintings are not just a manifestation of Jacob’s love for nature, but they also have a deep personal meaning for her, being “infused with the rich memories of her childhood, of long evening walks with her grandfather, the scent of orange Champakam and Jasmine flowers at train stations, watching her mother tend to her garden spending a lot of time out in nature.”

You can check out more of Nidhi Mariam Jacob’s works on her social media channels or by scrolling below.