From Tacos to Muffins: Lindsay Ostrom is Cooking Up a Storm

The past year has seen most of us in the kitchen and we’ve settled into routines that involved a lot more home cooking. According to one study, more than half of shoppers admitted they were eating at home more often since the pandemic began. But if we judge the numbers according to Instagram, the number of home chefs is much bigger.

One Instagram page we’ve enjoyed scrolling through for food inspo these past months has been Pinch of Yum. Run by food blogger and legend Lindsay Ostrom, it has become a Mecca for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike, amassing over one million followers.

“Instagram stories have been huge for us,” admitted Ostrom in an interview with the Mediakix blog. “It’s amazing to me that we can just be in our house in our pajamas and doing some random video posts that will be viewed by more than 50,000 people. If I were to go in front of 50,000 people in real life, it would feel so intimidating. But I can talk to that many people from my pajamas, on my couch, without showering, and not feel nervous about it at all.”

Her down-to-earth approach to blogging seems to have struck a chord with others. But it’s Ostrom’s unapologetic enthusiasm about cooking that makes her truly stand out. According to Ostrom, she hopes she can inspire others just as well.

“I want you to be so excited about these recipes that you eagerly await 5 pm when you can go home from work and start cooking,” she remarked.

Recent recipes include triple berry cheesecake muffins and crispy black bean tacos with cilantro lime sauce. You can thank us later!⠀