Funny Emoji Mashup Bot Creates New Emojis

Ever since they were first presented several years ago, emojis have become widely used by everyone and became kind of a must in almost every text. More than a thousand emojis have been made that describe not only our mood, but also our interests and hobbies, food, drinks, the sport that we love and much, much more. Some even use them as a way to create secret languages that no one else will understand!

The main ‘culprit’ for this expansion is the company Unicode, which has a list of emojis that are approved every year and was originally created in order to standardize the different morphologies of different languages.  

But what will happen if we somehow mashed up all the emojis? Louan Bengman has the answer to this question. This 18-years old French developer created the Emoji Mashup Bot that made emojis even funnier than they originally were. His primary idea was to divide each element of the emojis, like eyes, mouth, and mix them with a bot, presenting them to the public on his Twitter account. This is how @EmojiMashupBot  was created on July 16, and ever since then, it makes us laugh with the funniest combinations of all of the emojis. Check them out below!