Peleg Design is Making Simple Inventions That Could Make Our Lives Much Easier

Our everyday lives are filled with plain activities that we do on autopilot. Boiling eggs, making a fruit salad, serving cake, putting flowers in a vase, etc. We do all these things using familiar objects in a way that rarely causes any joy and fun. But who said it has to be so forever?  

This team of designers from Peleg Design decided to make our lives a bit easier, cuter, and more fun when it comes to the everyday operations we handle. They created such simple products, you won’t believe someone even thought of them! 

For example, you can use Egguins to boil, store and serve eggs in penguin bellies, or use Daisy to avoid the pain of the unsuccessful egg separation. Fold your napkins like flowers, place your flowers in weird places around the house, or cut your strawberries in the shape of a heart.  

Peleg Design is an eight-member design studio whose mission is to create home and office products that revolve around three principles: aesthetics, humor, and functionality. They often rely on optical illusions to create a new view of a regular object.  

Check out what it looks like in the pictures below!