Gill Button’s Fashion Portraits Are Kind of a Big Deal

UK-based Painter Gill Button is known for her playful, albeit loose, approach to portraiture painting. Having traveled the world, she has showcased her work at exhibitions and generated quite a buzz within the fashion world.

Her fame is largely thanks to her Instagram profile, which, having turned viral fairly quickly, lead to collaborations with giants like Gucci and Dries van Noten. “Instagram is the only platform I use, apart from when I was in China, where Wechat is the only real way to communicate and connect with people” she shared with The Corner. “I think, for creatives, Instagram is still by far the most accessible way to post your work and view that of others.”

But, like most creatives, her relationship with art began much earlier. “As the story with most artists goes, I drew incessantly from the time I could pick up a crayon,” she says. “I would go through paper at a ridiculous rate and, when it ran out, I’d draw on the backs, cut them up, make collages and so on!”

According to Button, by the age of 14, she was wholly in love with the world of art. “I devoured every art book at my local library and would take the train to London in order to see as many exhibitions as possible, I just couldn’t get enough,” she admits.

Nowadays, most of her muses are fashion icons or fleeting glimpses of models which she then interprets with a fluid, gestural style, using either watercolor, oil, or ink. Take a look at some of her mesmerizing portraits in the gallery below:

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