Gilles and Cecilie’s Art Is what Awaits At the End of the Rainbow

It’s hard to explain what it is exactly that artistic duo Gilles and Cecilie do. Bright, vibrant and graphic, their creations range from illustrations and murals to animation and environmental design.

“I have always been making stuff and drawing since I was a child, but was never introduced to illustration or design as a profession,” Cecile recalled in an interview with Inky Goodness. “I spent my youth in the outskirts of Paris,” added Gilles. “I was doing skating and graffiti… and was spending days in Paris at the Centre Pompidou, Louvre Museum, Musée D’orsay… I did the classic French art curriculum before Central Saint Martins. My background is a strange mix of DIY, suburb influence and classical art.”

The Norwegian and French designers met while studying graphic design at Central Saint Martins. Based in London, they have since worked with brands like Nissan, diet Pepsi, and the Guardian.

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