Girl Paints 3D Images On Her Left Palm

Iantha Naicker is a gifted artist best-known for her project where she paints with live ants. She also created a series of drawings where she illustrated animals that wanted to escape the lines. In her latest work, Naicker made 3D paintings on her left hand and filmed the process.

“I use two types of watercolor pencils – Lyra, because it’s soft and light – Karat, because it’s a little harder and darker and creates depth,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. I mix them with water and acrylic colors.”

According to Naicker, who is in fact deaf, she will be taking a break from 3D paintings on her hand and start focusing on other types of artwork.

The artist shares her work on her social media accounts Facebook, where she has attracted over 4.6 followers and YouTube where she shares the whole painting process.

Scroll down and check out Naicker’s paintings below. Isn’t she talented?