Great Dane Plays With Abandoned Kittens in Adorable Video

Social media users love a great animal rescue story. It’s even better when there’s a follow up to the story with a beautiful ending.

Twitter user, @greeneggs_, shared a video of his sister’s dog and kittens. In the video, you can see the dog holding a string in his mouth and pulling it around so the kittens can play with it.

The Great Dane, named Ruadh, found the kittens abandoned on the roadside when they were just two weeks old. His owner took the kittens in and plans to find them a new home.

Ruadh has seen his owner play with the kittens with a string, so he tried to do the same. Other social media users shared their own experiences with their pets. It goes to show how much pets can learn from us.

See the video below.