Grit Richter’s Art Has an Ethereal Glow to It

Grit Richter’s Instagram bio reads: “A painting is a painting is a painting.” Except that Richter’s paintings are much more than that. Living and working in Hamburg, Germany, her works were shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Apart from painting, she also explores her passion for underground electronic music by working as a DJ and initiating underground club events.

“I really like to work in different mediums, and I literally love to explore new mediums and techniques,” she admitted in an interview with Art of Choice. “It‘s always a step further, a supplement, something to add to my visual catalogue of possibilities, which feels very exciting for me. Besides this love for diversity, each medium has it‘s own specialness, its own life or kind of personality, and I‘m interested in bringing these different kind of personalities together to see what happens.”

Each medium helps her further her creative ideas. “In each medium I work, there is a point during the process of creation – and I‘m searching for this – where the work itself seems to take over control and offering me a further direction,” she says.

Nevertheless, Richter says she sees herself primarily as a painter. “I love oil painting and it is what I do most. But I also create mostly all of my works in different mediums from the point of view as a painter. So, I would say I see the definition of ‘painting’ in a very wide range. When I do an installation, bringing all my works together in a setting, it’s like composing a huge room painting to me.”

Check out some of her artwork in the gallery below.