Group of Vegans Tries to Find a Meat-Eater Among Themselves

Popular YouTube channel Jubilee recently kicked off their newest series of social experiments titled Odd Man Out. The series is conceived in a way that a group of people tries to find out an intruder among themselves. If they managed to vote the intruder out, the group splits a cash reward. If not, the intruder keeps all the money for himself.

After Beyonce fans tried to spot a Beyonce hater, it was up to a group of vegans to try and recognize who is a meat-eater.

Seven individuals were brought together in a room, six of whom are passionate vegans while one being a meat-eater. The group then engaged in a series of discussions in which they discussed their favorite vegan places and reasons for adopting such a lifestyle among other topics. After each round of discussions, members of the group voted for the person that they considered being an “odd man.”

What do you think? Were the vegans able to spot the meat-eater among themselves? Check out the video below to find out.