Bruce Munro Creates Incredible Solar Art

Born in London in 1959, Bruce Munro is a British artist known for his immersive large-scale light installations that evoke awe, reverence, joy, and pure delight.

Based in his Wiltshire studio, Bruce and his team work long hours to make his extraordinary ideas come to life. His work has been shown in countless museums and gardens, earning him the reputation of a true visionary.

The experienced light artist exhibits all across the world, creating impressive gigantic installations as well as smaller, detailed story pieces. The inspiration for his work is derived from a lifetime of enjoying literature, travelling and passionately experimenting with light. 

In 2000, while he was still working as a commercial lighting designer, Munro visited Uluru, a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory, and got deeply inspired by what he felt to be “energy rising from the ground”. Soon, he created his first “Field of Light” installation, which is his biggest and most famous work so far.

Powered by more than 60,000 solar led lights, “Field of Light” is a sculptural garden that looks like a multicolored blanket spread over a field and is essentially a playground for the mind.

Take a look at Munro’s glowing work.