How Historical Figures Would Look Like Today

Texas-based graphic designer Becca Saladin was always fascinated by history and historical figures like kings, queens, and politicians. This was mostly thanks to her parents, who were both teachers and inspired her to explore major events and people who influenced the development of human civilization.

Now, Saladin decided to use her skills as a graphic designer and love for history in an intriguing project titled Royalty Now. As part of the project, this talented designer reimagines historical figures as everyday people living in modern times.

According to Saladin, everything started with her curiosity. She sat one day at her home and wondered how Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from the 16th century, would look like with modern hairstyles and some makeup.

“I put her in a modern outfit, painted on her eyelashes, eyebrows, and makeup, and was excited by what I saw,” Saladin told My Modern Met in a recent interview.

After this successful experiment, she started doing more historical figures, and people were absolutely fascinated with her work. The positive feedback encouraged Saladin to dedicate herself to this project, and she now regularly “modernizes” people from different eras. Some of the subjects she chooses by herself, while others are suggested by her social media followers.

Check out some of her awesome works below.

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I’ve been resisting doing Cleopatra for some time, simply because there aren’t many reliable depictions of her, and most descriptions of her by historians were made after her death. However, I’ve gotten so many requests for her, I wanted to give you all what you’ve been asking for 🥰 . . The closest thing we have are Roman busts from the first century BCE, around the time that Cleopatra would have been visiting Rome. I chose to base my recreation off of the Berlin Bust of Cleopatra, which was thought to have been created around 46-44 BCE. I chose this bust because most of the depictions of her include common features – a strong nose, full lips, and small chin. It’s also hard to tell what her skin & hair colors were – most descriptions describe her as dark haired and “honey-skinned”, but some even say she was a redhead. Consider this my “Artist’s Rendition” of a way that she could have possibly looked. Bottom line, Cleopatra was an amazing woman. She was intelligent, witty, spoke several languages, and was incredibly skilled in diplomacy. I really enjoyed learning more about her during research for this recreation! . . Further Research & Reading about her looks: . Encyclopedia Britannica article on what Cleopatra looked like: . Some other reconstructions of Cleopatra: . Ancient Egyptian Mummy Genome article: . Wikipedia entry on the Egyptian Race Controversy: . . . #Cleopatra #AncientEgypt #Sculpture #MarkAntony #JuliusCaesar #Photoshop #RoyalFamily #History #Royalty #EuropeanArt #EuropeanHistory #Drawing #GraphicDesign #HistoryMemes #Portrait #ArtRestoration #DigitalArt #ArtOnInstagram #HistoryNerd

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