This Company Turns Scrap Metal Into Beautiful Sculptures

Have you ever wondered what happens with all the scrap metal that’s collected around the world? The most obvious and eco-friendly option is recycling, of course. There is a company that collects old train tracks, cars and factory equipment in order to bring them to life again.

“Scrap Art” is a company that turns scrap metal into beautiful sculptures that will take your breath away.

“Since 1988 we have been working in the recycling industry. We resolutely believe our efforts will result in an eco-friendly approach and cleaner environment, at the same time bringing to life unique works of art,” the company wrote on their website.

So far they’ve made a giant globe, bridge, fountain, wine decanter and a smart bench that will provide anyone with light, a WiFi connection, and USB outputs.

“Our vision is to make people happy when they first lay eyes on our art compositions. We want everyone to remember that our environment is one of the most important things in our life.”

We will argue that the best kind of art is the one that’s beautiful and useful at the same time.

Check out these awesome sculptures in the photos below.