Illustrator Ana Jaks Doesn’t Shy Away from Color

Based in Bristol, illustrator Ana Jaks has a taste for color. Her vivid creations are full to the brim with pattern and shape. From editorial to murals, her list of clients includes Facebook, Nike, VICE, and The Telegraph.

As of June 2018, Jaks became an award-winning illustrator after receiving the New Talent Award in the Site-Specific Category of the AOI World Illustration Awards, for a visual identity project she did with Facebook.

Studying illustration at Falmouth University, she now works independently as a freelance illustrator, while also studying an MA in Visual Communications at Bath Spa.

Check out some of her joyous creations below.

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As April 1st, today marks the beginning of #IBSawareness month! Digestive disorders can be so, so debilitating. I’ve spent over a decade being told nothing’s wrong, “it’s just hormones,” not knowing how to make things better, going gluten free, dairy free (now vegan), trialling different diets, scrolling endlessly through forums, watching mountains of YouTube videos, taking multitudes of supplements praying that maybe, just MAYBE this one will work?! I’ve been so afraid of foods that I’ve turned to eating almonds and almonds only for days or not leaving the house. 2018 got so bad that I ended up in hospital because the pain seemed to feed off of stress and wow WHAT A NEVER ENDING CYCLE! These types of illnesses go unseen and disbelieved for so long, and I couldn’t feel luckier to have a career where sometimes, working from home is okay. If you have bad gut health, it can massively effect your mental health. We need to raise as much awareness for digestive issues like IBS as possible so that more people UNDERSTAND/don’t carry on in pain and undiagnosed. If you’re suffering, make sure you give yourself time to destress (as hard as it can be) and know when to slow down. Also, no matter how many times doctors say no, don’t give up 😤🌿🌟 #illustration #illustrator #art #drawing #shape #colour #pattern #design #graphic #bold #bright #colourful #fashionillustration #home #plants #ibs #ibsawarenessmonth

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