Illustrator Makes Cubist Inspired Paper Cutouts

José Antonio Roda’s illustrations are good clean fun. Sometimes drawn digitally, oftentimes cut out of paper, and other times sprawled across walls, his techniques vary but his subjects tend to stay the same. Focusing mainly on female subjects, his cubist inspired illustrations are made of shapes and color blocks that are juxtaposed against bright colored backgrounds.

Admitting that he needs paint as much as he needs to eat or sleep, Roda shared with Cup of Couple his thought process. “I strongly believe that the more simple the message is, the best, and it will be easily accepted,” he said. “In this way, the simplicity of my work makes it easy to recognize. In any case, that’s not exactly my goal, it’s more related to my vision of everything and how I like things: simple, friendly and pretty.”

“In all my pictures, for the moment, you can see more a ‘shape’ work than a background work,” he admitted. “I like to simplify things. I remember that during my student life, I used to make good summaries and schemes, and my drawings are exactly like that. Simple colors and lines have much to do with the kid’s world, and I’m more interested in the kid’s world than adults.”

“I see my style as something absolutely open, growing up and alive,” he went on to say. “I’ve never planned my style and my career. Everything comes from passion and intuition.”

Take a look at some of his brightly-colored creations.