Inspired by the Ocean, Artist Depicts Beautiful Portraits of Women

Lindsay Rapp Liang is a gifted artist whose passion for art was discovered at a very young age. Being the daughter of a recreational surfer she also inherited his love of water. She sees the ocean as life-giving, fertile, powerful, sensual, changing and mysterious.

When creating her beautiful artwork, Liang seeks inspiration from water’s glimmering interaction with light. She has even found a unique technique to imitate the effects of water’s refractive nature.

“Using rare precious materials such as genuine metallic seashells, dichroic, 24k gold, silver, and using layers of translucent, reflective plexiglass. “The harmony of these elements combined with the dichotomy of my muses’ power and softness reflects my interpretation of the sea in relation to femininity,” the artist said on her personal website.

Now she owns her gallery and shares images of her paintings on Instagram, where she has attracted more than 319,000 admirers. Scroll down and have a look at her beautiful artworks below.