Mixed Media Artist Creates Art Pieces Full Of Powerful Energy

Belgian-Congolese painter and mixed media artist Kito Mbiango explains that with his art, he “seeks to strip away the paradigms, labels, and layers of social conditioning that have led to our current crisis of separation from ourselves and our natural world.”

Inspired by scientific and esoteric concepts, vintage photographs, and cartography, the artist uses these materials and turns them into a “new visual language in which colors, textures, and geometry are used to reflect the eternal dance between humans and the natural world.”

“My work is a response to the accelerating environmental degradation we are facing and have imposed upon nature and all wildlife. It seeks to connect us to the core of our humanity….” he shared on his personal website.

The “Artivist” currently has more than 16,000 Instagram followers, and his posts receive thousands of views. We really enjoyed browsing through his page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow him for future updates, or check out his website for more. Don’t forget to turn on your speakers.