Intricate Paper Cutting Art By Pippa Dyrlaga

Most people use blank sheets of paper to write something down, whereas artists among us see paper as a unique medium that offers endless opportunities to be creative. Pippa Dyrlaga is one of those artists who create beautiful art out of paper, using traditional paper cutting techniques.

Dyrlagah has been practicing her skills for more than ten years and each one of her intricate paper artworks is made from a single sheet of blank paper.

“The simplicity of a blank sheet of paper appeals to me. Paper is used in so many aspects of our lives and used to communicate with each other, and I want to do this through my work. There is nothing as ordinary as a blank sheet of paper, but it has so many possibilities and can be turned into something beautiful or meaningful, without adding anything to it,” the artist wrote on her website.

Her art is mostly inspired by nature, and the most common motifs that appear in her works are plants and animals. Once there’s a clear idea of what she wants to create, Dyrlagah starts her creative process by drawing an outline on the reverse of the paper. Only then she starts cutting using a scalpel.  

Check out her intricate paper artwork in the photos below.