Introducing the Japanese Artist That Sees Polka Dots Everywhere

Image via chrisguidrydoeshair/Instagram

Yayoi Kusama is a well-known Japanese artist whose world is full of polka dots.

Born in March 1929 in Nagano Prefecture, the contemporary artist, sculptor, painter, and novelist began using polka dots and nets as motifs when she was only 10 years old and created beautiful paintings by using watercolors, pastels, and oils.

From a young age, Kusama has been battling mental health, and since then she uses her art to cope with her hallucinations, calling it the “art medicine”. According to the 90 years old woman, she sees polka dots in most things.

“The moon is a polka dot, the sun is a polka dot, and the Earth were we live is also a polka dot,” Kusama explains.

Check out some of her polkalicious artwork below.