Man Uses Science to Clean his Childhood Lake

One of the most striking environmental problems out there is water contamination. Oceans, lakes, and rivers are more polluted than ever, but luckily there are people who are trying to solve this issue. One of them is Marino Morikawa, a man who is using science to clean his childhood lake.

After getting his Ph.D. degree in Japan, Marino decided to dedicate his time and money to fixing water pollution. He ended up creating a 100 percent organic solution that attracts the contaminated particles and purifies the water.

After testing the solution and seeing its efficiency, Marino dropped large amounts of it in the polluted lake located in the proximity of his native town and managed to transform it into a lake clean of parasites, bacteria, and contamination.

If you want to see the results of his project and find more about this inspiring story, watch the video below.