Jam and Cocktail Hour: Signe Johansen Will Teach You How to Hygge

When it comes to cooking, Norwegian cook and author, Signe Johansen, adheres to the notion that everything tastes better with butter. “It is generally my fat of choice when cooking,” she remarked once in an interview with The Guardian. “I make my own, but I also usually buy some too – both salted and unsalted. I go through so much of it.”

Johansen puts her money where her mouth is, with recent posts on Instagram including a mouthwatering photo of maple, toasted pecan, and sour cream muffins, as well as a recipe for the ultimate cinnamon bun.

The author of six food and drink books, Johansen has written for publications like The TimesSunday TimesDaily MailStella, and Marie Claire, exploring Nordic cuisine and beyond. She’s also the co-founder of “Spirited Women”, encouraging women to try whiskey and other spirits (with an accompanying book titled “Spirited” where you can find fifty cocktail recipes).

Another recommended book is “How to Hygge”, where Johansen outlines the Nordic way of living. “When I’m invited to dinner I always take some Nordic homemade jam – plum or wild blueberry,” she shared. “I make a very punchy tart jam, not overly sweet, with a lot of flavour. People always love homemade jam.”

If you’re a fan of Nordic minimalism, buttery desserts, and cocktail hours, you might have just hit the jackpot.