Kelli Laderer Pursues Positivity

Illustrator and hand-lettering artist Kelli Laderer provides design services to ethical brands only. “If you’re here looking for someone to create an uber good brand or an illustration that spreads your message and exemplifies your values, SUPER, that’s what I do best,” reads her website.

Combining her background in graphic design and fine art, Laderer aims to create positive change. “I think a burning planet, plastic straws, and social injustices suck,” she notes. “That’s why I choose to work with people like you who believe in a more eco and socially conscious future.”

With almost 20k followers on Instagram alone, people (and brands) are clearly tuning in to her positive message. But it took Laderer some time and courage to take the leap of faith necessary when launching a creative career. “I spent years exploring art, learning from mentors and teachers,” she recalled in an interview with Ever Made. “But, I got a little off track and took the responsible route, e.g. going to college for graphic design.”

According to Laderer, after graduation and the impending reality that this was it, she decided to return to her original passion – making art. “So I did it; I learned from everything I could get my hands on, put myself out there, and shared my work,” she says.

“My experiences, and personal journey have been integral to what my art has currently transitioned into,” says Laderer. You’d want to join in on her creative journey: