LEGO Releases Batmobile Set in Honor of 1989’s Batman Movie

LEGO just helped a lot of people who were struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for their comic-loving friends and family members. Everyone’s favorite toy company just presented a new DC Comics-inspired set which contains the Batmobile from 1989’s Tim Burton Batman movie.

The Batmobile set consists out of 3,306 LEGO pieces and it is incredibly detailed. The LEGO replica of the iconic vehicle also features lots of small and fun additions including pop-out machine guns and grappling hooks. If this isn’t enough, the set comes with figurines of Batman, the Joker, and Vicki Vale as well.

LEGO’s 1989 Batmobile set is available in stores and on the brand’s official online store. It retails for around $250.

Check out more of the photos below.