Linda Di Martino Crocheted an Entire Aquarium Full of Sea Animals

Crocheting has kept us busy during the pandemic and the Italian artist behind Lindadi Creations created an incredible, colorful aquarium full of sea animals and plants that she made entirely out of yarn.

During April, Linda Di Martino posted tons of updates showing the process for which she filled the tank. So how did the project begin?

After having an aquarium filled with fish for 25 years, when the fish started to die, she told her husband (who has sadly since passed away) that, “when the last fish dies, I will do it all in crochet, I will leave a nice memory of me to the children, not a commitment to stay behind,” Di Martino shared with Bored Panda.

She kept to her word and started crocheting for the aquarium by using the leftover yarn she accumulated from previous work and searching the internet for patterns for sea creatures and plants. When she couldn’t find the patterns she wasn’t discouraged; she just made her own.

It turns out that many people are interested in buying her creation, but she’s not interested in selling it. You can always try making your own with the videos and patterns she’s posed on her social media sites or you can buy some of her other work on her Facebook shop.