Illustrator Depicts Modern Day Problems In a Contemporary Way

Vicki Ling is a Chicago-based visual artist and illustrator with a strong eye for detail. In her latest project, Hanging By a String she draws a red string that she wraps around different objects, exploring the fragility of modern life.

“Contemporary lifestyles tend to obscure various crises that spontaneously erupt, from privacy invasions to public health issues and from climate change to personal emotional disorders, etc.,” the artist told Colossal. “Often our preoccupations are so overwhelming that they lead us to conceal our anxiety in oblivion. I’m interested in surfacing that sense of tension and insecurity and raise these issues to our collect(ive) consciousness.”

Ling got her Masters of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London back in 2013. Meanwhile, she publishes her work online, she is currently available for commissions and collaborations as well.

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