Lovely Ocean-Themed Tables By Jared Davis and Rivka Wilkins

Very often, art is a product of one person’s skills and imagination, but sometimes it’s just good to have a partner and dive into the creative process together.

Jared Davis and Rivka Wilkins are partners in art, creating amazing tables that look ocean-washed. Wilkins is originally an artist, while Davis is a woodworker, and they collaborate on a shared project resulting in these mesmerizing tables. Their cooperation is living proof that good teamwork can result in amazing and inspiring products.   

The process of creating these tables begins with Davis making a giant walnut table of reclaimed wood so that Wilkins can let her imagination go wild with it. Wilkins is very inspired by water and the ocean, and she loved how Davis’ pieces of wood have layers made of resin, which remind her of the ocean shore.  

Davis was the one to reach out to Wilkins after he saw her work on Instagram, and after the initial success, they decided to continue the collaboration.   

If you want to buy the tables, you can find them on both artists’ Etsy shops, and to check them out, just scroll through the photos below!