This Shy Girl Turned into a YouTube Star Over Night

When you’re young and in school, being unique is hard. When you’re not like everybody else, you can feel alone, isolated and lost. But if you stay true to yourself, you’ll eventually find your path – just like Jamie Jo did.

Jamie Jo grew up feeling like a black sheep. In her rural community in Missouri, her talents and interests were viewed as something weird, not special. She was artistic, loved figure skating and art. She was also very shy and had a hard time making friends.

She would’ve continued in her lonely path, if not for one incredible new site she stumbled upon – YouTube. She learned from a friend about this new video site where people shared their art as well as talked about their lives and was immediately hooked. She especially loved the Green brothers, two content creators and authors, who used the new platform to spread positivity.

Soon, Janie mustered the courage to start her own channel and share her art. She’d hoped to meet a few new friends through YouTube, but she certainly hadn’t expected the reaction she got – her channel went viral, and viewers were going nuts over her art!

Today Jamie is a huge YouTube star and artist, with over 400k subscribers. From a shy, lonely kid, she became a full-time artist with thousands of friends. She even met her husband online! And all it took was some patience, courage – and a little site called YouTube.