Makeup Artist Creates Unbelievable Optical Illusions

When it comes to optical illusions with makeup, Mimi Choi has no rivals. She is one of the oldest makeup artists on the scene and has perfected her art. She has achieved celebrity status and definitely needs no introduction.

Choi is a professional makeup artist and is a Blanche MacDonald Graduate as well. She has lots of stunning optical makeup illusions to her credit. She has made it to many top sites such as Cosmopolitan, Allure, Teen Vogue, Yahoo, Business Insider, Pop Sugar and several other sites.

She posts her astonishing optical illusions on her Instagram account and has built an army of followers who love her work. The details on each makeup are amazing, and it gives it a surreal outlook. Some of the designs are harrowing while others are simply amazing. In the video, she creates an illusion that makes her appear like she has two different faces. Watch the video below.

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Read my latest contribution to @dazedbeauty’s article by @kristenvbateman: “Does intellectual property exist in the beauty community?” 💄✍🏼 Swipe up on my story to read the full article. ✨ ⁣ Multiple-eye and facial feature looks have always been a crucial part of my journey because these looks really kickstarted my career in 2016. While I don’t claim to have invented the concept, I’d like to think that I played a large role in popularizing it. When I created one of my first multiple-feature blurry-faced looks inspired by motion photography, the concept exploded on social media and immediately began trending amongst the makeup artist community. Artists from around the world recreated this same look. Through continually exploring this style, I had the opportunity to collaborate with @beck and @capitolrecords during the same year. I created unique, surreal, multiple-feature looks to promote the launch of his song “WOW”. This further helped popularize the illusion genre and the “eye” trend in the creative makeup world. Since then, I’ve produced many different multiple-eye looks inspired by my own dreams, painters that I admire like @alexgarantart, and digital artists like Matthieu Bourel.⁣ ⁣ When @kristenvbateman of @dazedbeauty asked me how I felt about other artists reproducing my unique concepts without credit, my immediate thought was that most of all, I am flattered and humbled to be able to inspire people from all over the world. Although there are times when I question the intentions of certain artists (as discussed in the article), I don’t focus much energy on these situations because I know that nobody can predict what I will create next. I choose to use negative energy that comes my way to motivate myself, lift me up, and improve on my artistry. 💫⁣

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