Andy Dixon’s Paintings Focus on Luxury Goods

Andy Dixon’s paintings are the meaning of eye-popping. Full of Lamborghinis and Nike trainers, his artwork explores the life of abundance and, ultimately, decadence.

But long before he was a sought-after painter, Dixon dominated Vancouver’s punk scene, singing and playing guitar in various bands, including D.B.S. and the Red Light Sting.

“I think 16-year-old Andy would be bewildered by where I am now,” admitted the artist, in an interview with Nuvo magazine. “It’s a bit like I’m betraying my punk rock roots. In the ’90s, doing anything for money was the original sin.”

His thematic focus on luxury goods, he says, stems from an interest in the psychology of value. “Why things cost what they do, what is money, and why are we drawn to stuff. I think money is funny. The work isn’t a moral stance at all, more of an exploration of the comedy of it.”

Take a look.

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