Makeup Artist Uses Hijab to Recreate Iconic Looks

Saraswati is a 27-year-old makeup artist from Malaysia who is conquering Instagram with her brilliant looks. Better known as Queen of Luna on social media, the gifted cosplayer incorporates her modesty into her transformations.

Using her headscarves, which are the key to her remarkable looks, she has already transformed herself into Disney characters such as Jessica Rabbit, Hades, Scar, Rapunzel, Princess Fiona and many more. She has also done looks of other iconic movies and comic heroes, princesses, and villains, such as Princess Leila, Betty Boop, IT, etc.

With her talent, the young Muslim girl has been fascinating people all around the world for years now. She has currently attracted more than 410 thousand Instagram followers and has over tens of thousands of likes on each post.

If you are interested to see Saraswati’s work, check out the gallery below. You will see that she has a big following for a reason!