Meet The OG Of YouTube Chefs

Some celebrity chefs make cooking look like magical art, something that can only be mastered with an innate talent and years of training. Chef John’s life mission is to show that cooking really isn’t that hard.

Chef John is a professional chef who worked in the food industry for over 20 years, filling every position from waiter to chef, before deciding to quit and move on to teaching. At first, he taught at a California Culinary Academy, but his true passion was spreading the love of cooking to people who didn’t want to go into the industry, and who didn’t even think they could cook.

He started out with a humble blog, a single camera, and a tape recorder. His limited equipment led to some editorial decisions: he stayed off-camera, focused on the food, and used voice-over to explain the process. This signature style, along with his ability to break down recipes and explain plainly and clearly, made him a YouTube phenomenon. Today he has over 3 million subscribers that watch his bi-weekly videos religiously.

Chef John’s main goal is to help others learn to cook. Early on, he didn’t give out full recipes, so that his viewer at home would experiment and find the perfect recipe for them. Today, you can find his recipes online, but his philosophy remains the same –  experiment, find your own taste and have fun in the kitchen.